Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Day

Dear Sweetie, 

      How's your day today? Me? Today? Today USED to be a very important day for me. Well at least for the past 11 years of my life. It's been more than a year, and 2 Augusts have passed, and I realized that I have been saying the same things, as if it still matters to me as much as it still does to that person. Pretty sure it still does for him; after all it's still his big day. Nevertheless... I have no idea if that person is thinking the same thing. And even if he did, I don't know where he had thought the same thing for two Augusts, or maybe just this August. It doesn't matter now. 

     Anyway, do you know that today is also the burial of a very important person? Technically, if you insist, it's a cremation and an inurnment, then I stand corrected. This important person - A family guy, a humble servant, a great leader and they say the New Rizal of today. He made "good governance" possible and achievable once again. He was given a 3-Volley Honor, 19 gun salute, but above all the whole nation got united and grieved for the great loss. This marks a more Important Day to many compared to my USED to be. 

     This day also marks to be my first letter to you. As if you would respond (laugh.... sigh....) I don't actually need one. Why am I writing to you Sweetie? And why I'm even naming you Sweetie? Why am I re-opening this old blog? I don't know. Maybe Dear Diary is so last decade, and Dear Sweetie sounded more personal, or sounded that I am talking to someone, but not in a hallucinatory way, lol. Maybe I just want someone to talk to, or maybe not at all. You know that feeling that you just want to tell someone about something, but you don't necessarily need a piece of advice in return? So basically, this is what it means. I don't necessarily need someone to read my rants, but thank you if someone does. I don't really need someone commenting, but thank you if someone does show some concern and connection.  Essentially, you just want to be heard, or even if not, at least just able to let it all out. I don't want to sound complicated, complex, and perplexed, but it is what it is. Maybe it's a form of therapy that I needed a long time ago. Maybe I should have done this a long time ago. Maybe it's my kind of catharsis, aside from music, art, and reading literatures - having my own literature. 

    I have been blogging since medschool days, I have talked about food, friends, places, clothes, and even politics, but never had I wrote anything about myself. Maybe because everytime I visit personal blogs, it's either the posts are too long and nothing really interesting to read about, especially if I don't know the writer personally. There comes to a point when blogging is more of a social game. The pressures of posting something catchy, comment game that each one of us has to keep it rolling. It's superficial. To the point that I slowly disappeared from the blogosphere, just because the network system is very tiring. I switched to microblogging - Twitter, which was also fun and challenging, in such a way you have to be smarter to say something in less than a certain number of characters. Not only that you are not obliged to react to get a certain interaction.

     Every once in a while, I still blog (digital) . I admit, I just can't get it out of my system - I talk too much (analog). Only with more variety. But this time, I do not stick to a certain theme anymore. I mean, food is still my passion, I USED to blog about food. I'm not technically culinary trained, I may not have the most critical palate, but everyone knows how passionate I am about cooking and eating, well I meant, dining! Because it's a different thing. I believe dining brings people together, gives a better understanding about different cultures, breaks borders, and in the simplest Occam's Razor principle - It makes people HAPPY. I think gluttony is the deadliest sin I enjoy the most. I am guilty as charged for it. Beyond reasonable doubt. 

     I think my love for those things just died for a moment. For a moment, when everything in me died. Do I blame that USED to be? Well if you will ask me a year ago, I would definitely say "Yes"! We all do actually. We all blame the past. We all blame our past. We all blame who we were involved with in the past. We all blame the ones who got away from our lives. It may sound a cliche' , but it's true, in the end, we will all thank them for letting us go, and letting it all happen. We won't be wiser enough than yesterday, we won't be stronger enough to carry the weight we used to think was a heavy load, we won't be grateful enough for the everyday blessings, and we won't be as appreciative enough of the simple joys of the littlest things each day. 

    Gotta go Sweetie. Today is my younger brother's first jobless day. It sound ugly, let's just say today is his emancipation from white 'collar' slavery. So another meaning for this day again. He resigned from work, which got effective yesterday. I haven't seen Bourne Legacy, where in 2/3 of the movie was shot here in the Philippines. I think I am the last Pinoy who hasn't seen the film. Am I keeping up with the hype? Or am I just too proud that it was shot here. I guess it's more of a social mandatory for me lol. I just have to see it, as a movie buff, and as a Filipino. I'm not being to proud, I'm just CURIOUS how are they going to portray a typical "Filipino setting". My brother Jay has seen it, and he's just accompanying me, well technically speaking, I am treating him.

     I used to watch movies alone, especially when my ex's abroad. I got used to it, I actually don't mind being a loner, since I love watching movies, until a friend told me that it was a "loserish" thing to do. I should always invite a friend, that's what she said. I mean, what if nobody's available. I hate bothering people. Since then, I started minding what people might say. I never eat alone, never watch movies alone, except when shopping. Though my ex was a good guy who can accompany me with shopping for hours and would even help me with my choices. After all, we dress for our men, not for other women.

    Errkay I'm talking too much again. I need to prep up. Will talk to you later. Definitely after movies, will be having our coffee and nonstop chatting. My brother is actually being jocular about us watching Bourne today "Are we celebrating something?" Yeah right!! I'm celebrating today, trying to start a clean slate once again, and hopefully this first letter to you Sweetie, is another step that will help me get through that process.Talk to you soon. 



  1. I am happy to see you are here again... I don't know whose birthday or burial it is today... but I am happy to see you... whatever it was that got you back to blogging... must be (or have been) important! Welcome back Mhel! Hopefully you're here to stay!

  2. Hi Pam!! How are you doing? Thanks for the welcome! I missed talking to you!