Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012

Dear Sweetie, 

 I just saw Bourne Legacy last night. I guess it was never too late to see it, though you can count the number of movie audiences in your fingers. I prefer watching movies that way, less noisy, not suffocating, and really, you don't enter a moviehouse to meet and hookup with new people. Going back, just have to see it, remember that I am compelled to watch it as it is like a national and social mandatory for us too see it just because ohg the fact that half of the movie scenes were shot in my homeland. Well, I will not dig deeper into details of the movie. It was too late for that. Most probably you've seen it way earlier than me, or you have no intention in seeing it because you're not a follower of the Bourne installment. 

 Anyway, after the movie, I had a late night cap with my sibs and friends. Yup we almost have the same circle of friends. Most of my friends are theirs, and their's are mostly my friends as well. Well a selected heirarchy of friends (nope, I don't know exactly the right term, but you can say "closest". Yeah I guess that's the simplest way of putting it). So, my closest friends become theirs, and their closest become mines too. For me it is one of the few ways to have the healthiest relationship with your siblings. So while were having our coffee, we were trying to coach my cousin for his interview tomorrow. I forgot what kind of competiton is that. He is a fashion designer by the way. And if he aces this interview, he can have the chance for the full scholarship in fashion designing in London. The questions aren't easy to answer. It was more than a beauty pageant question. I don't think I would be able to give a moving answer. It has to constructed in a manner that it will impress and compel the British Council to accept you. 

 What are the ingredients for answering perfectly I asked myself. In this level, it has to be a little bit of everything - in general and direct, but some dash of abstract thinking. Doesn't have to be too critical, but realistic in a sense. Moving. With conviction. Impressive, but not intimidating. With pride but not too proud. With a challenging spirit, but not taunting. Above all, I told my cousin, "When in doubt with your answers, just be plain honest and sincere." I guess everyone would appreciate it more than anything else. Stick to the basics, just like fashion "less is more". Just like the Occam's Razor principle which I live by "When there are two ways in explaining things, chose the simpler." Today is his interview the British Council in Fashion. Before he left, I told him to "PRAY".

 "Pray...." It's what we always say when things aren't sure. When always in doubt. When we want guidance. When were weary. And when were grateful. Or simply, when we just want to talk to the Big Guy above. I am not a religious person. I maybe spiritual, but not religious. There's a difference between the two. I believe in God. I just don't have a name for Him. Am I confused or enlightened? Either way, no one can really know the truth, even if every faith says they do.... unless you die, and get there. But for now, I am not prepared to know that yet. All I know that there's someone up there, you do good unto others, and you don't debate who has the better God, and lastly, you respect the faith of the others. Anyway, catcha later Sweetie. I'll just have a quick fix, then I'll get back to you.... 


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